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   I mostly work with things that I see around me as I believe things around us, although seemingly quotidian, encapsulate stories of their own. My works are reflective of the reality I witness, on smaller or broader scales and how the realities are interlinked. Simple as well as complicated things that constitute that reality are of interest to me, for the grand narrative also encompass the micro narratives and vice versa and how the seemingly ordinary hides extraordinary stories. The interest varies from larger socio-political concerns, such as specific geo-political or geo-economic situations to something very simple: a particularly memorable dream or a figment of my imagination. The theories we treat and discuss often seem far flung but unbeknownst to us: the cob webs of the complicated theories make their way into the daily happenings of our society.

   Being brought up in Santiniketan, I encountered a unique mixture of learned men and women discussing various curious topics, the pristine nature while also seeing the waves of labourers coming and going from the villages and towns nearby. In terms of the composition, I often take everyday elements such as the portraits of these people I interact with on a daily basis or the small greasy tea cups from the local roadside tea stalls, where people of all social backgrounds and their stories and “gossip” gather. These elements contribute to a bigger picture which I represent by weaving together a number of objects and faces, with their unique stories. Things such as keys, cups or needles matter to me as they produce the everyday experience, materialism and performativity. Distorting their representation is an act of subversion, which also enables a critical point of departure. It makes known places alien and unknown spaces familial ,these prompt me to reflect on my surroundings with a critical approach to extract the stories and to put them, and my own reflection for my viewers.


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Title - "Constructive Criticism" Part-I
Medium - Linocut
Size - 25 x 15 cm
Year - 2019-2020
Title - Wanderer (Series)
Medium - Woodcut
Size - 61 x 122 cm
Year - 2019-2020
Title - Constructive Phase
Medium - Cyanotype on Cloth & Paper, Wood & Digital Prints, Stitching on Canvas, Ink Drawing 
Size -300 x 700 cm
Year - 2020
Title - Aesthetical Paradoxes
Medium - Non Toxic Etching on Zinc Plate
Size - not defined
Year - 2018-2019
Title -Reflection Hexaptych
Medium - Cyanotype
Size - 8 x 11.5 inches
Year - 2019-2020