Jasneet Singh Bindra.jpeg

My works are an infusion of the old and the contemporary.  Old in the sense of the mediums (Printmaking) like Lithography, etching, woodcuts which were the first of their kind for multiple reproduction of art for a wider spread among the people, and contemporary is the concept based upon my own personal interest which inspires my artworks- the ever so technological advancements in the field of the Astronomical researches and explorations. These artworks are an aesthetic expression of my fondness for a time where even the ends of our solar system are within the reach of a single human lifetime and we are able to witness even the far distant worlds, which establish new sources of tremendous amount of knowledge for us.


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Golden Plaque Record.jpg
Title - Golden Plaque Record
Medium - Etching
Size - 49.8x 9.8 inch
Year - 2019
Seziure Following The Exploration.jpg
Title - Seziure  Following The Exploration 
Medium - Cyanotype
Size - 7.4 x 25 inches
Year - 2020
Lunar Landscape-I.jpg
Title - Lunar Landscape- I
Medium - Mixed Print
Size - 22 x 28 inches
Year - 2020
Simulation Hypothesis.jpg
Title - Simulation Hypothesis (Series)
Medium - Plate Lithography
Size - 21 x 21 inches
Year - 2019
Earth In Gores.jpg
Title - Earth In Gores
Medium - Plate Lithography
Size - 23 x 23 inches
Year - 2019