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          Through my practice I want to present the human body. In biology I have been interested in the knowledge of genetics through my exploration I have found a harmony in symmetry between a human body and a structure of DNA & CHROMOSOME. In some of my works I used the structure of DNA and my body gesture mixed with one another to represent not only to explore this phenomenon but also to tell the story that is with in me. Therefore slowly my interest goes through the notion of Identity in my practice. Then I started to explore the theme of identity.

     In the postmodern outlook in contrast, there is no soul but only the body, we are bodies alone. As explored by the artist of the 1980s, 1990s and today the theme of the body overlaps with the theme of identity. The body carries many of the visual signs that make our own and others identity as to age, gender, people and so on. Thus artists wish to make visible the enormous diversity of identities in our midst and renegotiate how we value different often turn to body imagery.

       We know that the body carries many signs of identity like hair, skin colour, gestures, postures, clothing and many other things. But the identity is expressed by other means as well as including by words, symbols, objects etc. These are maybe used alone or in conjunction. In my work I’m trying to portray the conjunction with figurative imagery.

        I’m thinking about how I behave differently in different situations; like in a classroom, at home with my family, with my friends, with my junior or senior etc. And I believe that I’m not the same person in all those situations, I’m just performing in my own constructed versions of my identity; none these versions are my true self because each identity is transformed or abandoned in other situations. But I believe that when I spend my time in room in my bed alone only that time I mate with my true self subconsciously there were no more versions of my identity. There only me and my subconscious mind was strongly exist. Where I’m thinking freely, where I can imagine ,where I’m reading. That is why apparently my bed, books, bookshelf and other things are important to me. Therefore I’m represent the existence of my own body with all those things through a sculptural way. Actually at that time I’m represent my own space with presence of my identity.

       An other thing is in my practice camera taking a very important role as an object, because in my surrounding people know me as a photographer and I felt peace to do photography and documentation. My observation in this contemporary time camera is a very fascinating object to our generation and camera depicts the time. Now camera is accessible to everyone through various devices in my surrounding, therefore I believe camera is very valuable object in our society. But in my perspective camera is not just a electronic device, it’s another eye to see things differently in our society by capturing images and also capture some emotions in a frame. That is why I have some emotional attachment with the camera and as an object it’s a part of my identity.


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Title - Photographer
Medium - Polister Resin 
Size - Lifesize (5.6  ft)  
Year - 2020
Title - Selfportrait
Medium - Mix media
Size - 46 x 35 x 12 inches 
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Teracotta & Books
Size - Lifesize (5.6 ft)  
Year - 2019-
Title - Untitled
Medium - Polyster Resin & Leather
Size - Lifesize (5.6 ft)  
Year - 2019
Title - Pandemic
Size - 15' x 12' x 12 
Year- 2020