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About the time I started my journey on the train, I liked things more slowly and gradually my observation, imagination and visual acuity increased. And my work also changed accordingly. Then slowly the train compartment with different objects, views  and from different angles started appearing in my work.  My imagination began  and my fascination with these grew and these aspects became the center of my paintings. These are my  work of art..

     My early observations were a little different and gradually improved. I am continuing my work with different types of composition, multiple perspective, space, experience etc.

Among the subjects of my work are daily life, visual perspective, expression, pictorial  drawings, multiple view, negative position space etc.

     The center of my work are train compartment, different view of train platform, inside and outside space of window, compartment crowd, beggars etc.

     Here is a description of my work pictorial composition of different view of  platform, multi angle view of train and station, crowded gate of train, different angles of station, people looking out the window, sleeping people etc.


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Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Title - Untitled 
Medium - Charcoal on Paper
Size - 48 x 24 inch
Year - 2019
Untitled-1 mmm copy.jpg
Title - Untitled
Medium - Ink and Watercolor on Paper
Size - 24 x 19 inches
Year - 2020
Untitled-4 copy.jpg
Title - Composition I
Medium - Mixedmedia
Size - 4 x 5 ft
Year - 2019
KAJAL (2).jpg
Title - Composition II
Medium - Watercolour on Paper
Size - 22 x 14 inches
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled 
Medium - Ink on Nepali Paper
Size - 24 x 16 inches
Year - 2020