Santiniketan series

   Santiniketan series and my practice both based on the term of site specific creating correlation with spaces through visual I present and space to which it exposes .


      The material characteristics ,colour scheme it’s impact affect or interaction with spaces plays an important role in selection of material .I tend to use material which are cheap ,multiplying and natural so it doesn’t disturb the space after completion.


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Size          -  23 x 17 ft

Material -  coal dust ,French chalk ,sand ,marble particle ,2%

                      concrete as binder , bamboo inside the concrete


Taking sources from the space of Kala Bhavana and santiniketan produced in the month in the month of April.   This visual makes its own definition by the space of Kala Bhavana and the important role concretely structure in our society . The use of pillar were used as to denote a landmark of owning becoming the first establishment of any space perceiving it as seeds of owning a space other statement was to propose its Correlation by its material with concrete structure in the space .