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    My works reflect my observation of how land is treated in a city, the impact of the urban boom on it and how its identity is being lost and renewed with time.  Through them, I also try to raise hypothetical questions for the viewers, for instance- can land die? Or is it alive? Was it once born? Can it feel us scraping or carving through it? Does it make a sound when done so? 

  The inspiration to work with a subject of such, was built overtime through observation of the view, from my 6th storey home, in a rapidly transforming city. At first you see bare land, with cattle grazing or kids playing under the shade of trees and people cultivating crops. With time the view changes to blocks of cement one on top of another, forming a concrete jungle, with patches of land barely visible. In the end all you are left with is the memory of what the land used to be or what it could be. So what happens if we consume all the available and eligible masses of land for our benefit? Will it die? Is urbanisation the beginning of an apocalypse? Death of land, a hypothetical situation, investigates a process, that could result as the end of the very ground we stand upon. Since, we have evolved to become more concerned with having than being, one can allege we as humans are solely responsible for land’s demise on a daily basis; with every want or desire we carry within us, we cremate a portion of land. The images of my prints usually are compact compositions that contain buildings, graveyards or rubbles of land and cityscapes.

   My works describe the process of urbanisation and its crisis; the population growth, environment degradation, lack of space, commotion and chaos. The one major question that few of my works deal with is why living in the city is considered a privilege and why is it rapidly growing? Recently the works I have developed are more focussed on process, tools and consequences of urban growth, while considering land as a body. Hence, one can see images of digging tools or iron rods complexly placed in a portion of land.  The images are a manifestation of thoughts from my observations and perception of my surroundings, but I also hope that they generate a chain of thoughts amongst those that view them. 


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0001 (4).jpg
Title - Cityscape 2
Medium - Etching And Aquatint
Size - 12 x 11 inch
Year - 2019
0001 (2).jpg
Title - What We Feast On
Medium - Digital
Year - 2020
0001 (9).jpg
Title - Tools For Construction/Destruction
Medium - Platography
Size -1.5 x 1ft
Year - 2020
prints (14).jpg
Title - Inside Our City Wall
Medium - Water Color, Pen and Graphite on Paper
Size - 25 x 30 inches
Year - 2020