The domestic space has been a point of interest for me where the homemakers do an unpaid job and live their entire lives in that interior space after marriage. Since childhood, I was very much engaged with my mother who narrated her experiences through which I understood their beliefs and techniques she used for home making.

   This space helps me to explore the varying aspect of homemaker’s relationship with popular traditional culture and fine art. I tried to make a link between their thoughts and my interpretation with the process of the old traditional craft of Bengal "KANTHA". In early days Bengali homemakers made KANTHA with old used clothes in layers by stitching together to improve the binding strength of the fabric to use it as daily essential for their comforts. Kantha is a connotation for the housewife. These layers of fabric of “KANTHA”, metaphorically hold stories of individuals that tells about their social, political and economic background, which comes as the content of my work.

   To represent their stories I collect used clothes and KANTHAs through the process of documentation and interaction from my hometown and local homemakers of Santiniketan to create a common ground to engage with different classes of homemakers. Process involves scratching, stitching and tearing to show individual narrative by keeping the original fragments of their motifs, objects and figurative gestures. There are various forms and texture which were made spontaneously.


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Title - Astachuri
Medium - layer of used clothes, jute, cotton thread, wool, bangles, sanka stitch on kantha
Size - 5.5x3ft
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Used clothes, cotton thread, wool, net, nepali paper, poster colour, jute, newspaper cuttings over kantha
Size - 3x2.5ft
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - used clothes, cotton thread, wool, jute, saree paar over kantha
Size - 4x3.5ft
Year - 2020
3 (1).jpg
Title - Untitled
Medium - stitched used clothes inside cassette 
Size - cassette size approx. 4x6"
Year - 2020
4 (1).jpg
Title - Untitled 
Medium - used clothes, jute, cotton thread on wooden frame.
Size - 12" diameter(each frame)
Year - 2020