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     Talking about the process and its evaluation: Basically, the journey of my art practice started with self exploration and evolved through the understanding of different linguistic identities. There are so many queries that take shape out of identity crises; most felt among those includes: who I am? What’s my purpose? And what are the factors responsible for making me think the way I think; and also the language that I speak; all of these factors dominate my action. In fact, it involves all the factors of one’s origin? It all began with self obsession and the journey of self realization; facing the reality. The conflict in between constructing and deconstructing of different identities came out of self experiences. Being an inhabitant from a state Jharkhand (India) that shares its bordering regions with the neighbouring states i.e. West Bengal, Bihar; hence the cultural and communal identity discourses develops out of regional dialect, cultural dominance of the place and also the colonial dominance is felt out of education. In the entire process it was very much realized that the surrounding you choose to live in , and the parallel factors including the socio- political agendas all play a vital role in shaping of an individuals.
       In this particular series also, I have been exploring collage, photo montage and painted reality as a
converging space of social and cultural phenomenon. The process is being continued with specific
emphasis on gender and social gaze in a multi layered relationship of change and co-existence. Initially
my point of interest is satirical interpretation of situations at random and also marks my presence in the whole scenario as an observer.


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Title - Mood Swing 
Medium - Mix Media on Paper
Size - 36 x 24 inch
Year - 2019
Title - Expression of My Room 1
Medium - Mix Medium on Paper
Size - 78'' x 54''
Year - 2029
Title - Expression of My Room 2
Medium - Mixed Medium on Paper
Size - 60'' x 40''
Year - 2019
Title - Plastic Expression
Medium - Mix Medium on Paper
Size - 36'' x 24''
Year - 2019
Title - Untitled 
Medium - Assemblage (Acrylic on Acid Free Paper,Digital Prints and Plastic Mesh
Size - 72'' X 48''
Year - 2019