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   Until recently, I followed the process of working with different kinds of medium. I really like to explore the possibilities of mediums. Medium is chosen as my work demands. As an appropriate medium, I opt photography, clay and bamboo.   The image development for my works derives from the motives of the village. I was born in a village named  Namati Bongaon, Baksa, of Assam. Then I moved to Guwahati. The shift from village to town was the reason to develop a study about rural life in Assam. 

   The interference of modernism has replaced many aspects of Assamese rural culture. Living in an urban place is becoming more and more virtualized every day, and has awakened the desire to connect the village life with me. I try to have found the fascinating elements in village life. The traditional workers and their indigenious technique have replaced some visual vocabularies in my work. The collective working style of farmers and craftsmen in the work field has also influenced me while I was constructing my work. 

    I really have tried to make conspicuous work out of these experimental materials. I hope I could bring the beauty of what we have seen in everyday life which we do not notice. If you take a close look you will find the beauty of the life-cycle of each and everything they are struggling to exist among us.


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