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   My work is documentation of my experience. As a human being I am always with some crisis. Some times that crisis is about my position and establishment in society. And some times it talks about my emotions and sentiments upon a particular situation and about my knowledge and philosophy.

   And these crises are very much influential. In way of chasing those crises, my psyche becomes a part of it. After a certain time I can notice its reflection in my thought and judgement. And because of we are living in a same time those crisis may have a collective corner but not only personal. So, I try to give that collective zone to my image and my selection of image starts from there. And that collective corner provokes me to share my works.

   My visual derives from those situations. And by using metaphor I try to express mental state on perceiving situation. So, my psyche plays an important role in my practice.


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proposed work (1).jpg
I Know Everything.Ok So Dont..,
 Acrylic on Canvas
Size - 4 x 5 Feet
Year - 2019
work - 2.jpg
Title - Is It Mars?(1)
Medium - Acrylic on Canvas
Size - 3Ft x 4Ft
Year - 2019
There Is Something..,
Medium - Mixedmedia
Size - 24 x 24 x 5 inch
Year - 2020
work - 4.jpg
11/06/19, 3:05 pm-3:08 pm
Size - 11 x 16 inches
Year - 2020