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    To counter my social issues, I started working with the zones that used to give me comfort and calm me down. I started depicting elements such as my room, my bed, my draperies etc to give people an idea about myself. Home is a place of not only comfort, but also control. This sense of order, created by the arrangement pattern that we subconsciously follow, act as a shield against the unpredictability and the lurking chaos of the outside world.

    This journey of mine to recognize myself unfastened a chance to extend my study towards a broader aspect, how people conceive the existence of their consciousness. Everybody in this world got their own philosophy constructed by their own beliefs and notion of the world that surrounds them. this conviction of mine that ' your action is always manipulated by your philosophy', is what lures me the most to work on.

   From realistic compositions, I am shifting towards arranging my compositions in a more schematic way to invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation. I like using metaphorical elements such as stones, concrete walls for a rigid thought process, shambolic foliage to depict flexibility and expansions, etc. 

    For mediums, I prefer to choose printmaking because I like the process of starting with a well detailed lay out to getting an image I have a little control over. Also, the idea that I can apply layer after layers of different images and elements and combine them into a single artwork, is what fascinates me always.


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Title - Comfort Within Myself
Medium - Etching & Drypoint
Size - 8 x 9 inch
Year - 2018
Title - portrait of my mother
Medium - lithography
Size - 12 x 16 inches
Year - 2018
Title - Arranging A Pradox
Medium - Plate Lithography
Size - 21 x 27 inches
Year - 2019
Title - After the Metamorphosis
Medium - Watercolour on Paper
Size - 22 x 14 inches
Year - 2020
Title - Rethinking The Lart Argument
Medium - Etching and Drypoint
Size - 11 x 14.5 cms
Year - 2019