Through my work I try to represent the various shades of human situations and the happenings of
my surroundings and sometimes it is auto- biographical also. Where I want to reflect simultaneously the self-situations that I am passing through and also commenting on the social issues of present time. I love to use metaphor in my work, where I bring the images from natural phenomenon, living non-living common-place objects and some of from imaginary, try to represent them beyond of their known peripheral identities. Also incorporate the references from Bengali fables and regional idioms, which inspire me lot. I use the elements in my works to create my stories and also allow them create their own story.


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Conditions appy.jpg
Title - Conditions Apply 
Medium - Mixed Media on Paper
Size - Variable Size of Plates (collectively 76cm x 157cm)
Year - 2020
c a 2_auto_x2.jpg
Title - Conditions Apply 2
Medium - Watercolor on Paper
Size - 26 x 54 inches
Year - 2020
Work 2.jpg
Title - Untitle
Medium - Watercolor on Paper
Size - 4 x 3 Feet
Year - 2020
take care_auto_x2.jpg
Title - Take Care of Self 
Medium - Digital
Size - 15 x 20 inch
Year - 2020
Title - We Don't Eat Everything 
Medium - Digital and Manual
Size - 15 x 20 inch
Year - 2020