Work Statement

  “What makes me free is painting. I convey my feelings through art and it helps me cope with my daily life.” My works are about intense physical changes that occur in a human body during growth. They also talk about how the society reacts to these changes sometimes accepting them and sometimes rejecting. I draw inspiration from myself, from observing the changes in my body and the reaction of my viewers. These changes allow me to follow different methods of representation at different phases. I am also interested in fulfilling and satisfying urges that evolve during these phases. Being constantly under the society’s gaze I understand human behavior and how the society works.
   My process includes treatment of the surface and building forms. To me, creating a presence is important. The figures in my installation are an interpretation of my transformation and a manifestation of my fears. I fear four-legged creatures and psychology of fear becomes a subject of my work. I notice the physical change in myself; I am turning lighter according to most people. My skin is turning ‘white’ and accepting it is hard. I have used this as a metaphor in the installation. The ‘white’ figures bear marks that I have on my body. 

    In my ongoing work I am responding to the transformation in my studio space. I started with covering everything white. Now, the space reflects me. It is transforming into its own pace like I am transforming. Transformation has no end, if observed closely. Pigmentation is an aspect of transformation, a process by itself. In pigmentation of the human body, there is transformation. The scientific explanation for it is colour deficiency. Pigmentation occurs due to the instability in the production of melanin (melanin is a pigment that provides the skin with its characteristics colours) in skin cells. 

      As I was documenting myself, I realized that my surroundings undergo transformation too. The trees and plants around me, the studio I work in, they all undergo transformation. I started noticing that pigmentation plays a role in my transformation; likewise pigmentation plays a role in plants and animals. This finding that pigmentation is a widespread process in nature is important to me in establishing that it does change the identity of something or someone. I have also done survey on ‘how people perceive appearance’ during my experimentation work. 

     Transformation is an incomplete process according to me, since my body is rendered with various colours and forms which constantly change with time. I am also interested in how the body interacts with architecture as a medium of artwork and I am experimenting on it. I am questioning the idea of normalcy. Senses of the body play an important role in experiencing a space physically. An artwork allows a body to interact with it through physical senses and mental state. The body engages with a space and experiences it for itself. My artwork forces the body to indulge in an experience which transforms into a memory. I tried experimenting with various mediums for the experimental work with the artwork (studio space). The actions and movements within the artwork has been recorded and presented in a video format. In this process of Armature making, I am trying to show appearance metaphorically through erasing solidity. More importance is given on the linearity of the forms; playing the role of three-dimensional aspect.


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Example of Pigmention (sunlight as medium)
Title - Process 
Medium - Cutting Paper
Size - 11.7 x 16.5 inch
Year - 2019
PORTFOLIO Kshitija-page-010.jpg
PORTFOLIO Kshitija-page-010.jpg
Title - Transformation Process (pigmention)
Medium - Photo Documenation
Size - 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches
Year - 2019
PORTFOLIO Kshitija-page-013.jpg
Title - Regenerating Space
Medium - Paper Pulp, White Colour
Size - 15ft x7 ft x 9 ft
Year - 2020
Title - Indoor Blocks
Medium - Watercolour on Paper (collage)
Size - 11.7 x 16.5 inches
Year - 2020
PORTFOLIO Kshitija-page-017.jpg
Title - Reflection 
Medium - Clay on Wall, Glass Paint on Glass
Size - 10 ft x 12 
Year - 2020