In the beginning, I had the tendency to escape from the reality. The color tones of my paintings were different from what I see, but then I realized the fact that my paintings were far away from being authentic. So I tried to be more authentic than to be conscious about the color scheme, and I am still trying to.
  In the second year, I started giving more importance to human figures rather than landscapes. Most of the images in my paintings are taken from the experiences of my past, but many of them are also deeply connected with my day-to-day life. In that sense, my paintings are like a documentation of my immediate surroundings.
    My recent drawings are a product of the loneliness and anxiety that I had to face during the quarantine. 



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untitled, 60cm x 45cm, 2020.jpg
Title - Untitled 
Size - 60cm x 45cm
Year - 2020
Drawings, untitled, 2020.jpg
Title - Untitled
Year - 2020
untitled, 2019.jpg
Title - Untitled
Year - 2019