The use of pottery seen from a very close distance and growing up on a clay elephant from childhood, I express myself in a different way in the tenderness of the clay. Sculpture is one of the great means of expressing beauty, whose three-dimensional structure reveals even more powerful thoughts. In the midst of which we find the manifestation of permanence with the beauty of story, history and thought. The thought as well as the stability makes me think a lot. If art expresses time then we want to carry it strong. Although the time of the artist is temporary, the art should be long lasting. That's why I use bronze metal, which carries the tradition of history even after a long time. Although there are many grammatical rulesin making sculptures, I pay more attention to the structural side. The three-dimensional structure is expressed in aesthetics on all sides of the sculpture.

Growing earthen elephant is a novelty in the aesthetic structure of childhood. I try to present the time of growing up aesthetically, which shows something new with little ease. Although the scope of work is not very large, the skill of metal and technical technique in making this sculpture is quite time consuming.

Each time I got a strategic 'shaptadar' of thought. The clay elephants and horses of childhood were each a living friend which gave me the feeling of riding a real elephants and horses. My subconscious mind would find itself in the place of the fairytale prince. I used to get lost in infinite joy. The relationship between art and the artist is expressed through art, which is partially noticeable in external structures. The result is an attempt to break out of the conventional phenomenon and express it in a modern way which we express by voicing the posture from the traditional structure.


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Elephant_Bronze_11x7 inchi_2019.JPG
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