My works are based on what I see around me. My surroundings and nature have always played a major role in my art. I usually work with subjects that have an impact on me. It could be a book or an article I read or maybe a certain place or something that fancied my eyes. I try to capture what I feel. I have always been indecisive and had my struggles with finding a personal style. So the idea of sticking to a certain theme or topic has never seemed to appeal to me. I tend to find new musings all the time and also continuously manage to shift my focus from the same very quickly, which is why my works are unconnected and vary in ideas.


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Title - Rituals
Medium - Aquatint
Size - 22 x 30 cm
2020-08-24 03.39.33 1.jpg
Title - Solace in Solitude
Medium - Plate Lithography
Size - 32 x 53 cm
2020-08-25 12.54.42 1.jpg
Title - Untitled
Medium - Etching(Aquatint)
Size - 22x26cm, 12x18cm, 12x18cm
2020-08-24 02.52.10 1.jpg
Title - Perturbed
Medium - Etching(Aquatint)
Size - 18x30cm