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My work of interest is mapping traces of memories, traces of anything is what I call past experience, and Experience is what I call Memory. Memories and Experience are not just bounded to physiology and psychology of Humans, as landscapes are never poor landscapes, it’s history contains experience and layers of memories within it and always change time to time, same as with things, so landscapes and objects have also memories.

    I try to portray how one thing leaves trace on the surface of another after going through time. There is a constant permanent change in the nature of surface of object, space and psychology over a period of time. Which is my point of interest. There’s a constant evolutionary trace of space over object and psychology, object over space and psychology, and psychology over object and space (as physiology is connected to psychology). As I am very fond of space and psychology, thus I urge for visual and psychological self-experience of already affected surfaces to express my potential through my own understanding. Randomness is the key to the expression of my process.

    Process of my work emerges from my early experience in painting, I enjoyed when colors flows on the paper while painting, where selection of colors were under my control but the flow isn’t entirely, I connect this sensation to my daily life, like how decisions taken by us are under control but consequences aren’t, this is how we leave  unintentional traces behind, which is irreversible thus I use this intention of spontaneity in my process of art and juxtapose fragments of traces, and resurface what is buried within layers of memories.

The two layers of traces which I observe are scrapped layer and imposed layer which I understand in my way and find expression to execute metaphorically. Traces are consequence of an expression/action which changes the nature of physicality permanently.

    When I talk about changes, I go back in time when I started noticing shifting and overlapping of identities whenever I placed myself in publicness by which I observe unfolding of my own identity, which is negligible. I prefer starting from me as I know myself much closer than anyone, then shifts to others as it gets easier to express through myself and sometimes it’s not.

       Lately I got highly influenced by the usage of direct unconventional materials in my art process, I metaphorically manipulated the contemporary value of materials. I’m not very sure if the process is appropriate or not as there are thousand ways to do so and I never know which is the correct way of expressing, thus now I shifted from use of unconventional direct materials to a little bit painterly approach. I constantly change the way of expressions and this process never stops.


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Title - Untitled 
Medium - Ink, Charcoal & Acrylic on Mountboard
Size - 106 x 76 cm
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Ink & Acrylic On Paper
Size - 56 x 70 cm
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Watercolor On Paper
Size - 38 x 28 cm
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Board, Acrylic, Photo Collage, Charcoal, Smoke, Net, Cement, Rusted Iron Rod 
Size - 122 x 152 cm
Year - 2019
Title - Untitled
Medium - Acrylic, Zinc Dust & Texture White On Canvas
Size - 76 x 99 cm
Year - 2020