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In my practice, I am thinking about light, what is changing for having and not having lights, if there is no source of light then how I will visualize everything.  how ambiance changes with darkness when there is sudden power cut or when there is no artificial light. I notice how everything around me is merging with dark. When there is light on an object, its representation is different but when there is no light on it, it changes their representational identification. From this thought I am creating a losing character of image and rendering merged images. The source of my images comes from my surroundings, documenting the street lights and accidental merged photographs.

    Also, while documenting the street lights noticed that some insects were flying around the light and after experimenting on the aperture and shutter speed of the camera it is seen that there is a path trace around the light. Also, how the spark of light changes the vision when I look at that for a while it blinds my vision and looks like a ‘BLAST’ spot. That how light impact on my vision and reflect on my work.

   In my practice I’m working with charcoal as a medium, I filled the entire white page with charcoal and rubbed it then the page turned into a void dark space, thereafter I erase to make the image. Then I came to know about a process, which is 19th century photo printing process i.e. ‘gum bichromate’. From this process I am creating a kind of image-making, after exposing the work under the sun and while developing in water, I accidentally let the page dry vertically and then the melting process starts in it and then at the end I rendered a loosing or merged images. Sometimes I deal with my work by noticing all these experiments.


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1 (1).jpg
Title - Untitled
Medium - Charcoal and linseed oil on Paper
Size - 60 x 48 inch
Year - 2019
2 (1).jpg
Title - Nocturnal Mystery ii
Medium - Scratches on Charcoal Coated paper
Size - 60 x 48 inche 
Year - 2020
4 (1).jpg
Title - Blast ( set of 5 )
Medium - Charcoal Cast On Paper ( gum bichromate )
Size - 11.7 x 8.3 inche (each)
Year - 2020
5 (1).jpg
Title - Untitled (set of 6)
Medium - Charcoal Cast On Paper ( gum bichromate )
Size - 11.7 x 8.3 inche (each)
Year - 2020
3 (1).jpg
Title - Merged ( set of 6 )
Medium -Charcoal Cast On Paper ( gum bichromate )
Size - 77 x 54 cm (each)
Year - 2020