After coming to Santiniketan, I travelled to different places to experience the new type of landscapes. After that I create my works with the elements which provokes me.

  My practice is a reflection of surrounding landscapes of Santiniketan. By memorizing those elements, I create an image of that region. When I stand in front of vast landscapes, there are many elements to see. In my works I want to show the creation of human is very negligible in front of nature. Standing under the vast sky, I experienced different situations of landscapes, the surroundings were also transformed day by day. Which  happened due to human needs, but nature lost its vast beauty and its character. I used these in my works through my ways in different panels.

  In many works I create the journey of the congested area of Bolpur railway station region to the free landscapes of Prantik and river Kopai with irrigation land, cattle, vegetations and small villages, and I also want to show the rural and urban type division and vastness of the landscapes. Not only Santiniketan, experience of many places have appeared in my practice.

   To capture the formation of the land, sometimes I break the regular rectangle shape of paper and create the ups and downs of land in it. By using different elements I create a landscape of a location and memorize the whole surrounding from different viewpoints. I use the transparency of water colour and overlap drawings as the layers of my memory, where the prominence and unclear images were used. In different parts of my works I also use writings as the self experience in that location and situations in front of my eyes. By  this way I create images of  memory and document it from my experiences.


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1 (2).jpg
Title - Bolpur To Prantik 
Medium - Pen And Ink on Paper
Size - 3 x 5 Ft
Year - 2019
2 (2).jpg
Title - A Story of River Ajay, Bolpur
Medium - Water Color, Ink And Graphite on Paper
Size - 3 Ft X 5 Ft
Year - 2019
3 (2).jpg
Title - Fragments I
Medium - Mixed Media On Paper
Size - 26 x 32 Inch
Year - 2020
4 (2).jpg
Title - Bedia To Sonajhuri
Medium - Mixed Media on Paper
Size - 5 x 15 Ft
Year - 2020
5 (2).jpg
Title - Landscape Of Kopai 
Medium - Mixed Media on Paper
Size - 6 x 8 inches
Year - 2020