I introduce my work on the culture of 'GOSSIP'.

    I have always been interested in observing people, their daily life and common activities. Observing that, I tried to observe their State of mind, what they might be thinking, how they would be feeling at any point of time, where a person is looking, how a person looks at other person, why they are looking, etc. When I see other people peeping in other people’s life, I try to read their intentions. Through this area, my interest in the concept ‘Gossip’ arose. Why I am terming it as ‘Gossip’ because when we have question about something, we usually, feel like sharing it with our friends and families to get the answer, whatever positive or negative intentions it may hold. The term 'Gossip' means: 'Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true.’ I have talked about particular people with my friends and family, similarly, I have seen and been into such situations where people are talking about other people with much pleasure, irrespective of good or bad intentions. This culture of gossiping is intentionally or unintentionally there, everywhere in our society. Knowing all this I always felt interested in discovering people’s real intention and understanding a pattern in the society. 

    During my 3rd yr., I did a work covering city area, where everyone is busy in their common daily activities, still carrying some feelings which they hide from the real world. I tried showing up people’s different interests and intentions by using animal faces, symbolically. After that I’m constantly thinking more about my presentation of work, as how it can be shown in a more contemporary way. By this I did portrait work titled 'INTENTION?’ in which I clicked pictures of my friends' portraits, as example, and painted animal faces as masks, directly on it with an idea to hide particular Identity, as 'they', who gossip are always humans, but they tend to hide their identity. It feels like they are wearing a mask, trying to hide what actually they are. In our society, gossips are experienced everywhere, like in cafeterias, restaurants, offices, streets etc, between friends, families, behind people’s back, or about intimate feelings etc. All these questions increase my curiosity to work and explore more on this interesting topic.


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Title - Intention ( set of 15 works )
Medium - Acrylic on Digital Print
Size - 40 x 50 inch
Year - 2020
Title - Silent Gossip i
Medium - Charcoal on paper
Size - 4.5 x 5.6 ft
Year - 2020
Title - Transformation
Medium - Charcoal on Paper
Size - x 5 ft
Year - 2020