For every painter or artist there have individual ideas, methods, technique, styles and mode of expressions by which artist can reveal himself and make the common mass understand to get related easily with the art work. Regarding art particular painting I have my own deep rooted concept. it's to create an illusion or expression maze. I work mainly with human confuse mind. I play my work with confusion,different face and body expression and puzzle base. I work paper cutting and canvas work.  Some picture was body  expression drawing and photography paste. I use both material. Someone who is puzzled is confused because they do not understand something. Confusion is the psychological phenomena that happens to people when they cannot think clearly quickly. Puzzled mind basically the state of being bewildered in our mind. Some may have confusions and puzzles about life, career and decisions while others may be having puzzles/ confusions about relationship, infatuation and feelings. These confusions puzzle can bring sadness, happiness and even anger to anybody. I see a lot of people who are confused and puzzled about their normal life and their feelings. I work on these feelings and expressions. I use on my painting abstract or semi-abstract, which may belong to a particular create of art. Although there have some impression of concrete forms in many of my art works, sometimes there i create narrative and symbolic. More often i like to use some particular colors to indicate the situation on compare the elements and subjects of the whole compositions. i use dark color for Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity. And warmth color use for vibrant personality, as the color represents energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. The color warmth is typically seen as a happy color, often associated with sunshine and the Spring season. I feel comfortable with mixed and acrylic colors. The reason why I use acrylic is for synthetic quality in painting. I use brush strokes with my unconscious mind.


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Title - Untitled I
Medium - Mixed Media
Size - 5 x 4 Feet
Year - 2019
Title - Rubik's Cube Life
Medium - Mixed Media
Size - 6 x 4 Feet
Year - 2020
Title - Untitled
Medium - Acrylic On Canvas
Size - 6 x 3 ft
Year - 2020
image 4.jpg
Title - Untitled II
Medium - Mixed Media
Year - 2018