I specially work on my objects, which I am surrounded by. I try to associate and relate one object to another. 

    I like to find inter relation between different subjects and source, and then I try to compose those on a required space. Some time it may be go opposite. Highlight the current situation of our society through these objects. 

    I basically form my pictures with different objects, I keep changing them until certain statements are made by the objects. And in this process acrylic medium helps me tremendously to make or delete an object. I work on both paper and canvas surfaces. In that respect too, it is a great advantage for me to work through acrylic. 

    But a conscious and sub conscious association is always there, which will speak my narration. Between my individual object I always wanted to symbolize different part of society and its internal politics in one compact format or quote visual or metaphor. And by placing one after another my painting gets its end. I use a lot of organic objects in my painting. 

    This is how I try to make my point of view through my work. And my work serves as a kind of expression of my unspoken words.


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Title - Untitled 
Medium - Acrylic On Canvas
Size - 48 x 20 inch
Utpal Haldar work.jpg
Title -The Expectaion
Medium - Acrylic On Canvas
Size - 7.5' x 3'
Utpal Haldar.jpg
Title - Untitled
Medium - Mixed Media On Canvas
Size - 20'' x 24''  x2
Title - Untitled
Medium - Acrylic On Canvas
Size - 30'' x 40''
Title - Untitled 
Medium - Acrylic On Paper
Size - 9.5'' x 10'' x 9