I do my works upon my surrounding. Specially on the people and their life style, nature, open sky, architecture those are the subject of my influence. I love to find the creation between line, colour, form, and their arrangement. In my practice, process plays the prominent role. Where I am very much concern about my layers, how it transforming visual one to another. How I am dealing with spacie, that is my element of fun.                                    

  Along with those puzzles I always want to do experiment with medium. That is why I allow a big scale of medium as organic colour, paper, board, terracotta, mosaic, tiles, enamel and many more. Recently I am getting interest on sculpture.   Usually I work with water colour wash, gouache, tempera.


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1 (2).jpg
Title - Untitled 
Medium - Tempera On Board
Size - 30'' x 17''
2 (2).jpg
Title - Vision
Medium - Watercolor on Paper
Size - 8.3'' x 21.5''
8 (2).jpg
Mosaic Tiles On The Wall Of The Department In Visva Bharati. Kala Bhavana
Size - Almost 2Ft  x 6.5Ft
4 (2).jpg
Terracotta Tiles
Size - Almost 2Ft x 5Ft
6 (2).JPG
Title - Nature 
Medium - Tempera On Slab
Size - 11'' x 6''