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Previous feedbacks

"Dear Friends,
This is an outstanding initiative! So exciting too! You have used the pandemic darkness to create new light! Congratulations!"

-Rakhi Sarkar (CIMA)

"Ek kothaye oshadharon bhabna, exhibition design darun, kajer execution khub bhalo laglo, minimal bhabna khub, kaj dekhe chokhe aram dilo besh.. Onek Onek bhalobasha."

- Hrithik Chakraborty

"Very nice"

- Samar Rabha

"Amazing exhibition and also well designed website. It's incredible to see how different students have developed their own space. Very creative."

- Pritha Mukherjee

"It was very interesting and a great pleasure for me to see how young artists found new ways to express themselves in their artistic work. It was also great how the students brought their environment into the works and so created works that are already very marked by a personal handwriting. The insight into their home studios was especially exciting for me as I have never been to India myself. It is beautiful to see how the passion for art merges into their life and also shapes their life. A big praise to all the students who have created something great and creative out of this difficult situation and big thank you to all the people involved in making this online exhibition possible."
-Best regards from Switzerland, Nathanael Gautschi

" Feels like Kala Bhavana just entered my room. Great jobs guys..."

- Rangskhembor Mawblei

" I am highly impressed by the kind of show you all have put up online. From the works to the web designing its a fascination experience to navigate through the show. I really liked the works done by Bachalors students most of them have very strong visual sense with a rawness that depicts a distinctive art practice different from any other art colleges. They have brilliantly brought out the concept of the show through their practice. Such a refreshing experience to see such intriguing works. Kudos to Makeshift Studio Team! Way to Go! All The Best!"

- Aranya Bhowmik