About KBSI

 A vibrant collective of Kala Bhavan students that aims to showcase the artworks and initiatives born out of the faculty. The aim is to bring the heritage art colleges current pedagogy to the spotlight and illuminate emerging generations of artists. KBSI was born out of necessity during the unpredictable time of the pandemic, now aims to build an archive of all facets of the "Kala Bhavan" life.


Coordinators - Bihan Das, Biswajit Thakuria, Surajit Mudi, Jasneet Singh Bindra, Nayantara Roy, Rabiul Khan.

Editors - Bihan Das, Nayantara Roy.

Website Managed by Biswajit Thakuria, Jasneet Singh Bindra, Surajit Mudi.

Social Media Managed by Biswajit Thakuria, Nayantara Roy.

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