Ritwika Ganguly


The year 2020 was aimed for minimizing huge plans into compact ones. Before moving to my home for the lockdown, I had a plan to make a ten feet by 6 feet work with the topic being the time-lapse of Kala Bhavana picnic days during the winter months. I had my thoughts ready and materials at hand and the sudden alarm struck soon, closing down hostels and washing away the excitement. Anyhow, the work had to be done. Coming home, I started planning out a storyboard to make my ten feet by six feet idea fit into a few minutes of live motion. I had absolutely nothing at hand but continuing my works with motion, have now made me efficient in bringing my thoughts and ideas to a small but impactful scale. From making 15 seconds of hand-drawn animation in three months, to presently completing 30 seconds of work in 3 days, I find myself quite efficient being able to express through my works. My studio, consisting of a light box, punching machines, papers and drawing materials, has kept me alive and working, helping me to survive these difficult times with a smile of hope.

Presently, I have been working for music videos and feature films as an experimental animator.


A lazy afternoon –

This 22 seconds  short animation clip was one of my first tries at classical animation. Using pen and ink as the medium and shooting the images by a camera on a tripod stand seemed like an adventure for me at that time. I had created a small storyboard with images of the daily mundane moments at home to see how the change of scenes can be controlled. The use of ink wash had unpredictably succeeded in capturing the momentum even in the stillness of the scenes.

The Picnics’s Dream-

This is a short animated video done by using hand-drawn frames and shot by shaky camera movements to bring in the fleeting moments of a dream. This was my first try at animation that took over several months in the beginning of the lockdown. The experiments with original photographs and hand drawn frames to show the leap from one moment to another opened a new way of exploring through animation.  “The Picnic’s Dream” shows a dream of the person which was a reality to her once. The change in lifestyle from the pre-covid period to the present situation, have made the once truly lived moments of music and joy- the picnic of life, seem like a lost dream at present.

Ritwika's Studio

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What are you going to take forward from this make-shift studio practice experience?

"From the present home studio practice, I have learned the basics of animation by working with materials available at hand and by reading books. I wish to incorporate this learning with my further works to keep on experimenting and exploring further possibilities."

Interactive Drawings

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Ritwika Ganguly, BFA ( Painting ), 3rd Year