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Since I had to shift through three different states during the pandemic I had to have a portable make-shift studio.  Carrying a sketchbook wherever I went was already a habit and I decided to explore this possibility further.  A small sketch book being handy was an important factor here. I started  using my sketchbook as a medium to explore Santiniketan in the best way possible. This shift in my so called 'studio space' that I could make anywhere I wanted was something that excited me. A sketchbook, some paints and a cycle became a moving studio and a perfect  companion for my local trips  in and around Santiniketan.


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Title       :   Harnessing Ripples~
Medium: Watercolors, blood, acrylic, markers, pen and pasted handmade paper on sketchbook paper.
Size        : 9"x7"

Sun-Robin's studio

Quoting some of the words I wrote down stating the emotions that went through my mind while sketching outdoors in my 'make-shift studio' -

" I found solace in sketching outdoor sites while I suffered from anxiety which had resulted from staying indoors for a long time. Breathing in the fresh air of Santiniketan was just the catalyst I needed for the free-flow of creative emotions that I immediately poured onto my sketchbook. I already had rented a place here in Santiniketan, but the urge to explore it to the maximum made me stay outdoors while taking all the necessary precautions. At times I would spend sleepless nights lying in the open lawns, just listening to the palm trees whistle as the wind pushed against them on the cold starry nights filled with mosquito bites.

All this led me to witness the charms of this new place in a glisteningly mysterious way. Having found myself amidst the shifting winds of blossoming flora and the fauna I was so enthralled that it always made me sit, pull out the sketchpad, swiftly throw the brush onto it, as if creating an illusionary puddle similar to a pond পুকুর (pukur). The sketchbook would hold all the heart-wrenching emotions and there I was, lying barely, floating in it like a hog with eyes-closed, feeling the weight of my turmoil lightened up by the ripples.the The light propels towards the elevated edge of the pond, cascading towards the roots of tall standing trees around it, making each other's presence felt.’

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What are you going to take forward from this make-shift studio practice experience?

"It makes more sense to study the visual elements in my sketchbook by observing these sketches which serve as visual notes of thoughts running through my mind. I want to use these visual notes to help construct and build up my work encapsulating the knowledge and thought process gathered from this outdoor 'make-shift studio practice' experience."

Sun-Robin, MFA ( Painting ), 1st Year